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Tsur Group is currently working on more than 5 innovative projects Each of them is original and unique in its difference and scale

Nami 8

Offers environmentally friendly, high-tech systems to optimize and save water resources. Given the new trends identified in the field of water management. The company cares about customers and provides a completely healthy and perfectly filtered water supply with the latest technologies.

Business center on Melikishvili street

The construction of a business center is planned for 1500 square meters in the city center. The total area will be approx 7,000 square meters, which includes office and shopping area.

Hotel on Silver Street

The hotel is located in the middle of the city, in the most active tourist area. The hotel, equipped by modern standards, located in the historic area and provides 40 rooms. In hotel will be state-of-the-art restaurant and swimming pool overlooking the city

Residential complex in Krtsanisi

Residential complex in Krtsanisi is designed for 12,500 square meters of land. The complex is located next to the British Embassy and the President's residence. The construction volume is about 30,000 square meters. Half of the total area will be dedicated to the recreation area.


A world which we created in 1999 and like the real world continues to develop, rejuvenate and expand. From a small and charming store in central Tel Aviv, we have become Israel's leading chain for cosmetics and lifestyle products for your body and soul, with over 100 stores across the country as well as international locations.


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