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Tsur Group is currently working on more than 5 innovative projects Each of them is original and unique in its difference and scale


Aromaco is the leading scent marketing agency, we design custom fragrances for luxury brands around the world. With 18 years experience and unrivaled global network, we help brands create memorable experiences for their customers through scent. Our expertise includes custom Signature Scent design, natural Essential Oils and advanced Fragrance Diffusion Systems. Learn more About us.


We have created a space where society shares knowledge, insights, ideas, success. where you can be as creative, comfortable, and empowered as possible. B lab is the place where you want to come to work — and perhaps never leave, and it all happens very naturally ...

Be Yo

The Be Yo chain specializes in the sale of drinks and healthy meals in a unique way all around the world, and it was established out of a belief in a healthy, tasty and enjoyable way of life, with the utmost care for an equally perfect experience.


Innovative technology for the safety of your equipment. Innotech is partner of all major hardware stores in Georgia and is working on a project in the Caucasus


An importer of household chemicals and small appliances, whose partner is JSC Nikora. The products are presented exclusively in the JSC Nikora network


This Original Hotel in Tbilisi is the first in a unique and extraordinary chain of hotels to be established in the city at this time. It is a cultural resort hotel located in the heart of the Capital of Georgia.

Georgian investment

Our product strategy is driven by our insights into the varied and evolving needs of investors. We offer a deliberate lineup of straightforward core investment products, as well as sophisticated, customizable solutions.


Apartment type hotel, located in Georgia, in the center of Tbilisi, designed for tourists who know what comfort means...


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